Make candles, lotions, soaps, sugar scrub, beard oil
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Over 140 fragrances to experiment with!

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Danielle W.

I have been here several times. The last time was for my birthday with 10 additional friends. The place is beautiful. The fragrances are wonderful and the staff is very knowledgeable and very helpful. You could be bringing our own food and snacks and it's BYOB so we bought wine. Everyone had a great time and I would definitely do this again. 

Sasha O.

My bridal party surprised me with a night out since I opted against having a formal shower. We had our own reserved space, and had a great experience from the moment we walked in the door to the moment we left. The staff was very helpful, there are tons of scents to choose from and a good selection of what can be made with the scent combinations. I walked away with 2 candles and a room spray. The fact that it's a BYOB is awesome, and prices are reasonable. Definitely check this place out!

Amy R.

I have been here twice and will come back again. I brought my kids and we loved smelling all the scents and creating candles for gifts and even more ourselves! The staff is very friendly and helpful. The atmosphere is relaxing and fun. We can't wait to go back!

Experiment with scent 140 fragrances + 30 scentables = Handmade happiness