Crazy Hopeful

Crazy Hopeful

Am I crazy? Should I be doing this….now? What if I fail? Worse….what if I succeed? 

I suppose these are all the thoughts that you need to go through to open your own business.  I have read the statistics about failure rates of small businesses and am old enough to have lived through recessions.  I am pragmatic by nature and tend to think in realistic paths rich with years of business experience, learning and success. 

But what if this is a great idea? What if I can contribute to the community in a positive way? What if I can wear jeans everyday to work if I wanted to?

So what if I am crazy.

Making your own path takes courage, confidence and determination.  It has taken me about 1 year to find these things in me again. Things that have been hidden under layers of corporate jargon, politics, security and policies.  For years the safety of the path I was on was enough.  I supported my family, made great friends and got do a lot of cool stuff.  Then suddenly I didn't have that anymore.  I did what most people do when they get laid-off.  I got right back on that horse and wrote resumes, went on job interviews and bought the obligatory interview suit.  Then one day my daughter out of the blue says "Mommy, you are so different now. You are happier".  It took the wisdom of a 10 year old to help me begin to look for a different path. I love that kid. 

Today, I can say that I have hope in the future and faith in myself. I am smart. I can do this.

I hope that you join me on this journey. 






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Alexis Pedrin

The corp. Ladder isn’t the same. ANd n8w you’re a beautiful, better person. Best of luck on your new endeavor. What do you have for energy products? After i work on quilting all day i need a boost of energy for the remainder of the day. Let me know at You will be successful!

Alexis Pedrin

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