2019 is Coming up Roses

2019 is Coming up Roses

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It seems, as soon as the calendar changed to the new year a wonderful scent trend emerged.  Guests of all ages are loving Rose Petals and we are all the better for it! Gone are the dusty old rose perfumes that I remember.  The scent blends being created are modern and fresh.  

Why the seemingly sudden emergence of this trend? It could be because the smell of roses is believed to reduce stress and anxiety.  There is just something about it's intoxicating fragrance that has breath slower and deeper.  This lowers our heart rates and helps to lighten our moods.  With everything going on these days, maybe the old advice to stop and smell the roses is new again. 

Rose Scent Blends to Try:

  • Rose Petals & Tobacco Vanilla: This is an updated version of the classic rose and vanilla - both modern and nostalgic. This is great blend for a personal fragrance like a roller ball, or a mist.  
  • Amber Musk, Sandalwood & Rose Petal: Pure romance! This blend is perfect for a body oil, bubble bath, or a wood wick candle.  
  • Verbena, Champagne, & Rose Petal: Fresh and uplifting blend that is lovely in lotions, scrubs and hair shine. 
  • Rose Petals, Honeysuckle, & Jasmine: Pure flower power and an excellent choice for a reed diffuser, candle, and potpourri.
  • Vetiver, Balsam Pine, and Rose Petals: This blend is complex and exotic and creates a uniquely balanced fragrance. This is perfect for gift giving or those products that everyone uses in the house like hand soap or a bathroom mist.
  • Rose Petals, Baby Powder, and Vanilla Bean: Classic!

These delicious rose creations are just the start of what we are smelling this year.  I am certain that this trend has some staying power! 


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