5 Reasons to fall in love with Orange Blossom - New Fragrance Alert!

5 Reasons to fall in love with Orange Blossom - New Fragrance Alert!

I admit it. I made a mistake & I love it! I wasn't paying attention when I was doing some restocking and ordered Orange Blossom fragrance instead of Orange Zest (one of our standards).  It was a wonderful flub - we all immediately fell in love with it.  

As a fragrance, it is clean and round with just enough sweetness and citrus zing to make it a delight.  While it reminds me of bergamot and maybe jasmine it is clearly its own unique scent that has blended well with everything we have tried.  

Top 5 reasons to love Orange Blossom:

1) Orange Blossom is used in many popular fragrances.  Jo Malone's Orange Blossom is a lovely scent that also features Water Lilly.  Fleur du Male, by Jean Paul GGaultier, features it in his cologne designed for men.  

2) It is the state flower of Florida. The orange blossom, like most citruses, is native to subtropical Southeast Asia. The orange blossom was designated the state flower on Nov.15, 1909. The orange blossom is one of the most fragrant flowers in Florida.florida state flower

3) Orange flowers have been used in wedding traditions since ancient China. In Chinese tradition, orange flowers were omens of purity, innocence, and moral virtue, but also a symbol of fruitfulness and fertility. Brides of all nations have always worn some kind of a floral embellishment on their wedding day, and the tradition of using orange flowers has spread from the East to Europe, during the times of the Crusaders

orange blossom wedding tradition

4) Orange Blossom water is used in many foods & drinks.  Try an Orange Blossom Bellini.  Start with your favorite Bellini recipe and add a splash of Orange Blossom water.  You will feel like you are transported to the coast of Spain. 

orange blossom drinks on a table

5) The blossom is the waxy, white blossom of the orange tree - practically perfect! The Orange blossoms bloom in clusters of 1-6 during in spring and result in oranges the following autumn or winter. Last year's oranges often are still on the trees when the new Orange Blossoms are blooming.

 orange blossom - perfect flower and fragrance

The fragrance lends itself to both home & body products. Try it with Champagne or Ginger Ale for sparkling shower gel.  Another delicious blend is with Whisper for a soft and feminine body mist.  


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