Butter - A Love Story

Butter - A Love Story

I. Love. Butter.  

Butter Scent - An Affair to remember

My personal butter love story began many years ago in my Grandmothers kitchen.  Let it be known that she was my favorite person ever.  She was an incredibly strong, honest, and giving women.  Grandma's loves were being surrounded by friends & family, beer, ironing, & gardening.  

What she didn't love - cooking.  What she was sure of is that butter & salt made everything better.  The smell of butter & onions cooking will always stop me in my tracks and puts me right back to being a 6-year-old in the warmth of Grandma's kitchen.  Pork Chops a little dry - nothing a stick or 2 of butter wouldn't fix.  Oh...her potato pancakes fried to crispy perfection in butter and then sprinkled in salt - that's my heaven. 

As my calorie conscience adulthood set in my love affair became a battle of wills.  I mean, I love a little side of bread with my butter.  Sometimes more than I love to fit into my jeans and sometimes not. Nothing beats my rainy day blues than a double-buttered grilled cheese & tomato soup meal. I am ultimately defeated by this choice by the nap that follows.  If I am feeling particularly nostalgic I go to pierogis fried with butter and onions - with a sour cream chaser.  You get the idea...Butter heals everything but not without heart health & waistline consequences. Moderation has never been a something I am particularly gifted at. So I have grown to tolerate the fake "healthier" options in addition to the occasional treat of butter with a little side of bread. 

Then comes Butter - The Fragrance - into my life.  Truly magnificent! All the memories & none of the calories.  Of course, it makes superb scent blends with all the traditional baking scents like Sugar Cookie, Vanilla, & Cinnamon.  Try Maple Syrup & Bacon for a breakfast treat.  What has been surprising is how well it blends with less conventional fragrances.  Here are some blends to try:

Top 5 Unique Butter Blends:

1) Into the Woods:  Pine Needles, Amber Musk, & Butter

2) Butter Him Up: Straight Razor, Butter, & Cinnamon

3) Herbal Bliss: Butter, Rosemary, Cilantro

4) This Shouldn't Work: Butter, Teakwood, & Sweet Grass

5) Because I Love You: Butter, Smoked Ginger, & Hops

Don't be shy about trying Butter Fragrance in your blends!  A Butter & Caramel Pumpkin sugar scrub sounds like heaven to me.  Have a baker in your life?  Consider making them a Butter, Cinnamon, & Honeycrisp hand soap.  

Here is my wonderful Grandmother on her wedding day. She is always in my heart.Grandmother on her wedding day




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