Clean Freak - A Staff Favorite!

Clean Freak - A Staff Favorite!

While this fragrance oil may smell like Gain, we promise this isn't the next Millennial challenge! #tidepodchallenge#worstideaever
While the smell of laundry detergent may vary based on the brand and type, there is definitely a generic laundry kind of smell, which is embodied in Clean Freak, one of our seasonal fragrance oils. 

If you think about what you consider to be "clean" smells, it would probably take you all of ten seconds to come up with a couple. Lemon, pine, "cotton", etc. Although we associate certain smells with the word "clean", true cleanliness is actually the simple absence of dirt or impurities. It is the fact that the human sense of smell is so acutely tied in with our emotional recall and memory base that we have our own definitions of clean smells.  

Whether or not you like doing laundry (and let's be real, most of us don't), the smell itself can be comforting or invigorating. The fresh, bright qualities of the scent lift the spirits, leaving you with a happy warmth as a result of engaging pleasure receptors in the brain. Whether you're aware of it consciously or not, just the smell of laundry brings back the familiarity of home, being cared for, and caring for others. 

While living in the city, I often found myself stopping for a moment when I pass an air vent expelling that dryer-fresh scent because it invoked a sense of home. Similarly, at Scent & Sip, I find myself going back to Clean Freak time and again. My current favorite? Clean Freak, Olive Blossom, and Forget Me Not (another of our seasonal fragrance oils) - the fresh, green scent of Olive Blossom and the flowery soft notes of Forget Me Not compliment Clean Freak and make for a fresh smelling soap or candle that leave you looking forward to using your product again and again. 

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