October Scent Trends

Geeking out about Autumn Air

Are things smelling a little different lately?  As colder weather moves in, not only do we change from flip-flops to boots but how things smell changes to.  The science behind how temperature impacts how things smell is fascinating.  

Olfactory scientist Pamela Dalton of Monell Chemical Senses Center in Philadelphia explains that odor molecules move more slowly in cold weather as opposed to the summer heat, and this could explain the reason behind the distinct smell of October. The part of our brain that deals with smells are the olfactory area and it is these olfactory receptors, Dalton explains, that bury themselves a little deeper in our noses.

A neurologist and psychiatrist, Alan Hirsch, explains that our trigeminal nerve, the one that makes you cry when you chop on onion, is stimulated by the cold air. So, while your olfactory senses are already changing, your trigeminal nerve is also being stimulated, creating the more intense smell that is common to the colder weather.  Who knew?  

How are we seeing this translate into lotions, candles, and foaming hand soap?  Guests are choosing rich and hearty blends loaded with fragrances that trigger our crisp autumn memories.  

Top Trending Fall Fragrances:

  1. Autumn Air
  2. Honeycrisp
  3. Mulled Cider
  4. Cinnamon Spice
  5. Pumpkin Spice
  6. Caramel Pumpkin
  7. Cedar
  8. Campfire
  9. Earth
  10. Hot cocoa

Get outside and smell the leaves! Soon enough we will be reaching for snow shovels.



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