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Holiday Fragrance Feature: Eggnog

Our informal research at Scent & Sip has concluded that eggnog is similar to cilantro - you either love it or hate it.  But, did you know that this polarizing drink has been around since medieval times?

One of the earliest recipe records for a medieval British elixir called posset, which is believed to be one of the earliest descendants of what we now know of as eggnog.  In olden times, posset was thought to aid in curing colds & the flu.  This was a posh beverage – drank normally by the aristocracy.

Eventually, this “medicine” made its way across the pond and into the colonies.  Over time, this tasty concoction was Americanized & reborn as eggnog.  Along with this name change came an ingredient change – rum replaced the fortified white wine.  Rum was much more prevalent & affordable.  Over time, to further its Americanization, whiskey & bourbon were used in place of the rum.

Eggnog has some solid presidential ties.  President George Washington used to entertain visitors by serving a very adult version of eggnog – his recipe called for rye whiskey, run, and sherry.   President Warren G. Harding was known to serve one of his favorite drinks, a Tom and Jerry, at his annual Christmas party.  A Tom and Jerry is basically eggnog made with brandy and served warm.

Want to give the original version a try? 


6 cups Cream
1 whole cinnamon stick
Pinch of Mace
1 teaspoon Nutmeg
18 egg yolks
8 egg whites
1 pint fortified white wine
3 grains of Ambergreece (ambergris)
1 grain of Musk


I don't know about you, but a nice candle mixed with this warm and inviting scent paired with a gallon of nog picked up at a local grocery store seems much easier :)

Eggnog Blends to try:

  • eggnog, bourbon, & cinnamon spice
  • eggnog, butter, & baked bread
  • eggnog, whipped cream, & hot cocoa
  • eggnog, caramel, & sugar cookie
  • eggnog, clove, & rosemary

Experiment with this classic holiday scent to boost your spirit!


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