Men vs. Women - How different are we?

Men vs. Women - How different are we?

I started thinking about the differences we see between men and women at Scent & Sip. 

First of all, lets set the record straight - with yes! Men love fragrance too. In fact, it has been a consistent growth category in the high-end fragrance business.  Men buying themselves fragrances.  

A recent study from, Scentiments found that men will take about 30 seconds to decide on a new cologne.  You may not be surprised that women may take 10 - 20 times longer on average to pick a new fragrance. This is most likely due to the stronger emotional ties women have to fragrance. This coupled with the finding that 35% of women let their mood dictate the scent they wear each day. 

What is interesting about this is the findings on mood determining women's scent for the day.  We often see "micro" trends in fragrance and this might help explain it.  On any given day/week -  random strangers all choose to blend with the same fragrance.  One week it may be jasmine, the next mint - I remember pine needles had a 2-week run just a little bit ago.  To us, on the other side of the blending bar, it is noticeable. In thinking about this new research I would agree and add that the calendar drives our mood - in mass at least.  The weather has a big influence.  What we all see in popular culture and the general cycles of our lives throughout the year.  

At Scent and Sip, we often see differences in both fragrance selection and approach to the process.  In terms of fragrance selection, men stick to what you would guess as a traditional male palate.  They often blend with green - woodsy notes or anything food and drink related.  Women tend to have a broader palate.  Will women blend with a bouquet of florals? Sure, but we also create at least 1 #mandle a day.  A mandle is a "man" scented candle.  

When creating a fragrance - men take a much more analytical approach to the creative process. Men tend to lean into a more "exact" or linear process.  More then a few times we have been asked: "how many drops of a fragrance is in a 1/2 ounce?"  312 - give or take :) While most women tend to take a more feeling or consensus approach to their blend.

We love all of it! I strongly believe that there is no wrong way to create something as personal as a fragrance as long as you do what you love and enjoy the journey. 









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