Pro Tip: 3 steps to get started

Pro Tip: 3 steps to get started

1) Determine how, when and where the scent will be used.  

Is this a personal fragrance item, like a lotion? A body mist for a special occasion? Or are you shooting for a reed diffuser for the bathroom? We think of fragrances differently for different uses. The answer to these questions will begin your scent journey.

2) Start with what you love.

I know, you probably want other people to instantly love what you do and if they don't it can be worrisome. The truth is that we all born with different scent preferences and then build upon those preferences with every memory made.  There is no universally loved smelled.  Statistically, Vanilla is the most loved scent.  That's not to say that everyone loves it.  We have had plenty of guests let us know that they didn't care for it.  Assuming that you are making this for you to enjoy - start with what you love.    

3) Mix it up.

Start by pairing an opposite scent type with your favorite.  These types of blends will highlight each scent. When you get it right - both will shine.  

Next, pair your favorite with something similar.  Generally, you will get a rounder blends where you don't smell the lines as clearly between the fragrances.  

From here, pick a path and run with it!  Mix in a third fragrance to see if you can make it even better!  A 3 fragrance blend is where most people end up.  This isn't a rule, it is just where we are seeing our scentologists find their perfect personal fragrance creation. 

There is no "wrong" way to create your scent.  Do what smells great to you!  Have fun & enjoy the experience.



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