Pro Tip: Giving a Scentsable Gift

Pro Tip: Giving a Scentsable Gift

If it is that thought that counts then hand-made gifts are the best.  How to approach it can be nerve racking for some. The key is to keep it thoughtful.  Here are some quick tips on how to give the gift of scent.

1) Keep it personal.  Create a scent that creates a sentiment that you want to share.  How do you do this - First, think of a personal experience that brings you happiness, joy or peace.  Is it baking cookies? Trimming the tree? Enjoying a mimosa on the beach at sunrise?  We all have them, think of yours and recreate it with scent!   Next, convey that message with your personal label.  Let the recipient know why this is special to you. 

This gift creating approach works well for teachers, coaches, hostess gifts, and your work friends.

2) Total Recall.  Thanks to our neuro receptors, our sense of smell is our longest lasting of all our sense memories.  We all have those moments we share that are surrounded by scent.  It could be the smell of cedar, tobacco and a clean shave that reminds us a Grandpa.  Maybe it's the smell of the ocean with a hint of caramel popcorn that brings you back to that time in Ocean City.  Is it the smell of roses and hydrangea growing in Mom's garden?  Think of a special memory of a person and recreate it.  They will be brought right back to that place with you every time they experience this highly personal scent blend. 

Handmade gift for girlfriendHandmade gifts for dadHandmade gift from familyBBF & sister handmade gift

This is the most scentimental of all the approaches and is perfect for those special people in our lives: Your BFF since grade school, family, dear-friends, and your significant other. 

3) Funny always works!  First, let me say that just because it is funny doesn't mean shouldn't smell good.  Bacon & Whiskey is wonderful! Looking for a great bathroom scent - anything with a strong citrus will work. All the single ladies love a "mandle".  Some of the more memorable Scentables include Daddy Issues, Not Tonight, Tonight is the Night, Repellent, Coffee High, & Hoppy to see you.  I will let pictures do more of the talking for this one...

Funny hand crafted candle gift givingGift for the single girlSugar Scrub hand made gift for girlWax Tarts - personally scented gifts for moms of boys

4) Gift Cards Rule! I admit it, normally I am not a fan of giving gift cards.  I like to shop too much :) A gift card that I get to have an experience with someone is different. So, if you are still hesitant to create a personally scented gift, get them a gift card for Scent & Sip.  In the card just let them know that you would like to share this experience with them. See you then!   

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Sharon Wilson Smith

I never knew that our sense of smell is our longest lasting of all our sense memories. Holidays are coming and I am into finding the perfect gift for my relatives and friends. I’d make sure to consider buying scented items for them. Thanks for sharing your article!

Sharon Wilson Smith

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