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PRO TIP: Honest Advice for Kids Birthday Parties

We love celebrating Birthdays at Scent & Sip.  We have celebrated 100's of birthday’s from ages 4 to 101.  There isn’t a day that goes by that we aren’t wishing someone a Happy Birthday! We love that we get to share in special days, it warms our hearts.  

Kids birthday parties are super fun at Scent & Sip.  They LOVE the unique chalkboard walls! They get to make smelly stuff that they can actually use & be proud of.  Usually, the kids make 2 products like a body mist & glitter gel. It’s crafty, handmade, personal, and a little sciency.  

crafty kids parties for all ages

All this celebrating has taught us a few things about how to host a child's birthday party at a destination.  This is our list of straight-talking, honest advice for having a child's birthday party at a venue. We love our unique & fun private party room but think these observations can be used almost anywhere.  

Our best, honest, advice for planning your kids birthday party at a location:

  1. Take just a moment to enjoy the party with your son/daughter.  Yes, you will feel pulled in many directions and have 30 things on your to-do list.  Make this the number one priority. Your event is going to fly by in the blink of an eye, much like the years between them being born and now.  If you have to- set a reminder on your phone to stop “doing” and just enjoy being in the same space with this creature you are raising. Make sure to smile.
  2. If you are serving food here are some of our observations:  Pizza is always the best choice. They won’t touch the veggie tray.  More popcorn goes on the floor than in their mouths. Cupcakes are always easier. You will have leftovers, bring baggies for easy take-home snacking. Opt for the smaller water bottles, they usually only finish the sugary drinks :)
  3. Table confetti looked like a good idea at the time but it doesn’t have the bang for the buck like balloons or a fun tablecloth.
  4. Start your activities on time, even if a few of the guests haven’t arrived.  A gaggle of kiddos, all wound-up and waiting for something to do usually results in chaos that is hard for even seasoned professionals to get back to good.
  5. Don’t over-do the goody bags or favors, the other parents will be grateful.  Our best advice is to just not do them.  
  6. It is perfectly okay to have an adult beverage at your child's birthday party.
  7. No doubt you will be hauling stuff from your car to the venue, bring extra hands or invest in a shopping cart or cooler with wheels.
  8. Get to the venue early.  This gives you & the birthday girl/boy time to settle in before the party starts.  We have seen this do wonders for birthday jitters.
  9. Never let more than 2 girls go to the bathroom at the same time.  Ever.
  10. Kids need stuff to do, all the time.  We always suggest dance parties or chalking on the walls as "filler" activities.  Giving them direction to do something is key. Without direction things go from happy & fun to running around and destructive in seconds.  We have learned that this doesn't need to be anything fancy, just directed.
  11. Kids are much better at following instructions then adults.  Let the professionals handle instructions and the process with the kids. Afterall, that is why you are having the party at a venue!
  12. Up to the age of 6 or maybe 7 plan for other parents to attend.  This usually means having extra pizza & drinks for them. After that age, we see parents start to leave their children with the host.  As long as you have at least 1 “wingman” for the party, this is much easier - so don’t worry. Remember that kids are on much better behaved when their parents are not around.
  13. Be upfront with the venue about allergies & always ask any questions about this that you need to to keep everyone safe & happy.  
  14. Lastly, remember to bring the “little” stuff like: Serving Utensils, candles, ice, napkins, large bags (for gifts), baggies, cups, and the guest list.

We hope that you have found this list helpful! Having your child's party at a crafty venue should be fun, reduce your stress, and somehow be easier for you :) Hopefully, you get to have some fun too!  

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