Scent Trends - First Edition!

Scent Trends - First Edition!

One of the most frequently asked questions from our guest is - What is the most popular blend?  After 4 months of blending with you we can say that there isn't one :) We do find that there are trends in what feeling a scent blend evokes, this changes every few weeks. Our informal poll of why this happens has concluded that the weather is the number 1 reason followed by holidays and other events.

Remember a few weeks back when it was unseasonably warm? Everyone blended scents that reminded them of green things growing outdoors.  Tomato Leaf, Basil, Summer Lawn and even Cannabis found their way into blends.  After the weather turned more seasonable we saw that guests wanted clean smells like Clothesline, Hops, and Verbena.  Mother's Day smelled of beautiful bouquets of all Mom's favorite flowers. So what's happening now? Baby Powder and coconut! 

Our predictions on what is next: Scents that Dad's will love.  We are already seeing Bacon start to trend. Is he a whiskey guy or hops?  Both of these fragrances blend great with citrus notes.  Or for something different, try our new Slate fragrance with a twist to make it his own.

More to come as we smell trends on the rise.



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