Scentational Date Nights

Scentational Date Nights

I’ve heard time and time again lately that one of the best ways to bond and grow as a couple is to pick up a shared hobby - to create something together, have something new to discover and discuss. I think the same thing can be said of how to date in current society. It’s not just about dinner and a movie anymore, it’s about a more involved, shared experience…maybe with some wine or beer to help things along.

Here at Scent & Sip, we have come across a ton of couples creating scents together, and having a ton of fun! Whether it’s a sweet, loving couple who encourage each other and create a scent together or a quirky, snarky couple who enjoy egging each other on, everyone ends up finding their fun over wax and wine. We tend to be pretty good at meeting you wherever your energy is at, and are happy to give you as much help or as much freedom and independence as you want.

Looking for a first date idea? Is it your turn to choose the date? Are you tired of dates revolving around restaurants and you’re looking for something not primarily involving food? (I know I am, is that just me?) Here are some tips if you are curious about having a date night at Scent & Sip or want to improve your next date night experience:

  • Try to be on time. I know lots of people can’t help it, that’s just how they are, myself included. But why would you want your date to start with stress? Plus, the more punctual you are, the more you will have the full amount of time to enjoy each other and the experience.
  • You know what helps you be on time? Planning ahead! Have a date night planned for a workday? Wear something you’re ok with wearing for date night as well, or bring a change of clothes so you don’t have to run home. Pick up your bottle of wine in advance. Pack snacks in the car that morning, or call for a pickup order from a restaurant that’s on your route. You can bring whatever food or drink you want, so sky’s the limit!
  • With that in mind, we have lots of restaurants and bars right on Main Street. Seriously, we have about a dozen within walking distance! Feel free to ask us for recommendations as well. Since you’re here, you might as well extend your night.
  • There are so many fun and surprising smells to discover here! Half the fun of it is sharing them with each other, whether it’s something crazily accurate, something you think is gross (we have all heard “Oh my god, this is awful, you HAVE to smell this”), or something so good, you just can’t keep it to yourself.
  • When it comes to smells, everybody reacts differently. Personally, I would say don’t yuck someone else’s yum. Just because you hate something, doesn’t mean they have to. Part of what brought you two together was probably your differences as much as your similarities. Playful poking is all well and good if that’s your relationship style, of course (we LOVE sassy couples) but that’s different than keeping someone from choosing scents that are perfect for them. If you live together and you’re making a Scentable that will be communal like a candle or a reed diffuser, forget what I just said. Joint household, joint decision!
  • On the other hand, some people will openly admit they don’t have a great sense of smell. In that case, feel free to help your partner out and seek a professional opinion as needed :)
  • Making candles? If there is time, you’re going to need to give that candle additional time to set before you can take it home. Have fun, drink, and enjoy, but create your candle and then start chatting in earnest, so your candle has the best chance possible to be ready for you to take home and your time will pass quickly as you finish off that bottle of wine and have little to do but write your labels and talk with each other.

Most importantly, have fun! Laugh, drink, share smells, share stories, create new memories together, and discover something you can come back to experience again and again.

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