do something different for valentines day - make a sexy scent together

Fragrance for LOVE...

If love is in the air, can you smell it?  And if you can smell it - can we use it to our advantage? 

valentines day sexy fragances

I can go on for a good bit describing how and why our sense of smell is so powerful. That is not what this blog is about.  This about using those emotional ties to our advantage in the game of love. Can it be done? I spent hours and hours looking for research on this.  You should know, I am a big fan of geeky research - as long as it is not sponsored by the business who will benefit from this good research. There is a ton of this out there - so buyer beware. 

I have read for hours about Pheramones.  Poured through aromatherapy focused studies and spent a good bit of time googling big words from the medical journals that discussed brain receptors.  Given the amount of information and funding needed to conduct these trials, I suspect that there must be something to this? What does it all mean? If I figure this out should I arrange a date night with my husband? 

Here is my conclusion:

Can a fragrance make someone fall hopelessly in Love with you? NO! 

Can how you smell turn someone's head? YES!

You need to be careful with this one.  There are several studies that have good results for general arousal just from a scent but nothing is 100%.  Just like the drug commercials on TV all day -  They may cure you but they may also cause anal leakage :)   Becuase scent is so powerful if a person has a bad experience and associates it with your special love blend - it could be game over before it has even begun. If you want to give it a try based on solid research create a custom scent using the fragrances in the Top Ten Seductive Scent list. 

If you want the magic fragrance that will be a sure-fire hit this Valentines Day, I offer a PRO TIP at the bottom of the page.



1) Vanilla

Many studies have shown that Vanilla is one of the most attractive scents to men, and to women actually. Vanilla is a natural aphrodisiac, libido enhancer, and it naturally lowers your stress levels. Vanilla is one of the absolute best scents to choose if you want to display sensuality, comfort, warmth, and indulgence.

2) Sandalwood

It’s incredibly warm, sexy, romantic, and very relaxed at the same time. Sandalwood has a warming smell, which is inviting and which both sexes find attractive.

3) Lavender

Lavender is rated one of the most popular scents with men, probably due to its relaxing properties. Lavender is a powerful mood relaxer, romantic scent, along with a comforting aroma.

4) Amber Musk

Musk is also sexually appealing and has a romantic, indulgent side to the scent that almost everyone finds attractive.

5) Orchid

They’re tied to romance, indulgence, and elegance; all things most definitely are drawn to.

6) Jasmine

Jasmine is a popular scent with men & women. It’s a floral scent that’s not harsh like others can be, and it has a sweet, romantic smell to it that’s lovely. Most women’s fragrances include jasmine and it pairs well with other essences in perfumes.

7) Orange

The scent of oranges is fresh, sweet and universally appealing, but it happens to be especially arousing to men. According to a study conducted by The Science of Smell, a group of 31 men aged 18-64 underwent testing to determine whether a certain scent increased penile blood flow. A number of scents produced a response like a pumpkin pie and lavender, orange was a scent that produced a 19.5% increase in blood flow. Who knew such a simple citrus fruit would be so enticing to men?

8) Pumpkin Pie

See #7

9) Chocolate

This mouth-watering fragrance is just that.  It appeals to more than one sense and is a delightful pairing with varied other fragrances.  

10) Honeysuckle

Honeysuckle is a round, and fruity floral that brings many people back to their youth.  This memory trigger perks us up and elevates our mood. 



What is the magic scent blend that will turn someone's head or renew a spark in your relationship?

It is the one that makes YOU feel confident & sexy.  That is the secret. Feel good about you first - that is irresistibly attractive.   

create a fragrance that makes you feel confident


 You go and be you - wonderful, weird, sexy, smart, & beautiful you. 

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I think the combo of coffee or chocolate, vanilla, and a little bit of spiciness or musk creates something sweet, sultry, and sexy. That’s why Black Opium is so popular.


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