frankinsence and myrrh seasonal fragrance scent and sip

Frankincense & Myrrh - Can 5,000 years of smelling be wrong?

So why did the three wise men offer them as gifts?  They were considered practical, expensive, and symbolic. 

Turns out it still smells great!  Use this seasonal fragrance to blend with for an uplifting gift!  We have mixed it with rose and sandalwood for a more traditional smelling candle.  Perfect on a winters night.

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autumn - the best smelling of all the seasons

Autumn - The best smelling season :)

There is just something about the smell of Autumn.  The warm spices, crisp air, falling leaves - whatever your olfactory sense memory system conjures - it is magical.  There is some science behind this.  Could it be that the reason Autumn has a smell is because we are actually not smelling the things we normally do at other times during the year? 
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red bayberry

Bayberry - What is it anyway?

I admit it.  Until about 30 minutes ago, I thought Bayberry was a made-up candle scent.  It turns out it is a very real thing! Bayberry, also known as wax myrtle, waxberry, or candleberry, is both a shrub and a tree.  The varieties grown in our area of the US are best known for their showy winter branches & grey berries.  They are also tole...
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Jasmine - Sweet & Intoxicating Fragrance Trend

This week's unexpected trend is Jasmine! Guests are using the scent "straight" for diffusers and blended for a rich, sweet aroma.    Jasmine is a member of the olive family and can be cultivated into many varieties but generally produce white to yellow flowers. Many countries and states consider Jasmine its national flower including Hawaii, Tha...
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