Trending this week: Fall!

Trending this week: Fall!

Something happened when the calendar switched to July.  All of sudden we are seeing blends with the freshest fall scents. Mists featuring Mulled Cider, candles loaded with Balsam Pine and sugar scrubs warmed with Chai Tea.  Patchouli, Cedar, and Mahogany are all seeing their ways into personal fragrances. 

Is it the dog days of summer that have us dreaming of sweater weather?  The Christmas movies filling up the channel guide? I admit it I am over the 92% humidity but may not be ready for a sweater just yet.

While I am not sure I am ready for my seasonal fragrance switch it is great to see our scent-oligists prepare! Only 167 days till Christmas :) 

Top 5 Blends:

1) Frankincense, Hops, & Smoked Ginger: a hearty, but surprisingly crisp blend that will fill up a room with an exotic air.

 Frankincense FragranceHops Fragrance

2) Cedar, Balsam Fir, & Fresh Mint: a classic and mood-lifting scent that works well with other home fragrances.

Cedar Fragrancebalsam fir fragranceMint Leaf Fragrance

3) Mulled Cider, Yuzu, & Clove: Reminiscent of a drink that warms you to your toes.  Lovely in a sugar scrub or hand sanitizer. 

Mulled Cider FragranceYuzu FragranceClove Fragrance

4) Mahogany, Slate, & Orange Blossom: Masculine in all the right ways. This would easily mix with any home or body product.

Mahogany FragranceSlate FragranceOrange Blossom Fragrance

5) Rosemary, Teakwood, & Patchouli: a complex blend that is not for the faint of heart. Its herbal quality leaves you with a grounded earthy feeling. 

Rosemary FragranceTeakwood FragrancePatchouli Fragrance

We are working on bringing in more seasonal fragrances soon!  Pumpkin, Egg-Nog, Holly & more.  


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