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Vetiver Fragrance - Sophisticated & Earthy

We often help guests recreate their favorite fragrances.  Time & time again we would find this thing called vetiver on the list of fragrances.  After a long search for the right fit for us we are now able to offer it as one of our regular scents to blend with.  

I have to be honest, at first sniff I was not impressed.  How could this be a staple of high-end colognes? It is "hard" smelling and definitely earthy - in a from the soil kind of way.  Then I started to experiment with it. As soon as it is paired with another fragrance is blooms into something kind of magical.  Those hard edges get rounded and the big earthy scent becomes an almost mossy back note. I am hooked! After overcoming my apprehension I knew I needed to learn more about this thing called vetiver.  

Vetiver is a tropical grass  that is native to India - its common name is derived from Tamil. Vetiver (in French, vetyver) is a grass from the Poaceae family of plants, which also includes lemongrass and citronella. Vetiver is a fast-growing perennial that can survive up to 50 years or more, with a large, interlinked root system. It is from these roots that the essential oil of the plant, used widely in perfumery and incense production, is derived.​ In India, vetiver oil was an ingredient of ancient perfumes and was referred to as "the oil of tranquility". It was also a common ingredient of incense powders in India and Sri Lanka, where it is called Khus. 

What does vetiver smell like?

Vetiver is described as smelling warm and dry and conveying earthy, woody, leather, balsamic and smoky notes. It has a sophisticated earthiness that creates an uplifting, soothing, and calming aroma. A year-round classic, this traditionally masculine scent has broad appeal.

This has long been a staple in premium colognes. Brands like Tom Ford, Guerlin, Creed, and Aqua di Parma all have colognes that feature this elegant and manly scent. 

5 vetiver fragrance blends to try:

  1. Campfire, Vetiver, and Summer Lawn 
  2. Vetiver, English Ivy, and Lemongrass 
  3. Rose, Vetiver, and Tobacco Vanilla
  4. Slate, Vetiver, and Bonsai
 If you are thinking of crafting your own cologne, this is a must try!

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