mens fragrances feature woody & citrus notes

What Scents do Men like?

With Father's Day approaching, we are getting this question a lot! 

Three Cheers for Dad

The best selling men's colognes all share a few things in common.  They all feature a citrus note balanced by a woody element with a touch of spice.  The #1 selling fragrance is 1 Million - Paco Rabanne.  It features warm cinnamon, blood mandarin, grapefruit and mint citrus notes that are perfectly blended with leather and patchouli.  The second best-selling fragrance is Creed - Aventus.  This cologne has a bit more of a sweeter scent to it with the edition of bergamot, pineapple, apple, and black currant. Those scents are balanced with the earthy birch and patchouli scents.   

At Scent & Sip, we see this trend with their personal scent blends too!  A few blends to consider when making a cologne for the Dad's in your life this Father's Day are:

1) Yuzu, Hops, & Slate - a strong and earthy blend.

2) Honeysuckle & Smoked Ginger - Slightly sweet, musky and a little mysterious

3) Cannabis, Summer Lawn, & Hops -  Green, clean & a zingy

Home fragrances (candles, room spray, diffusers) trend a little differently with the guys - a little more varied.  Our Whiskey & Bourbon scents are well-loved as well as mixes with Bacon or Mug & Brush. 

Whatever scents you choose, he will be sure to love it - if you do!  If you are not sure, bring Dad in to share the experience with you. I promise, guys like this too! 

Happiest of Father's Day to you and the wonderful Dad's in your life.


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