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You asked - Your Top Questions Answered!


I have the pleasure of getting to know you very well & I love it! As you spend time smelling, blending & sipping the conversation flows freely. I love the questions that you ask & thought it was time to answer your top questions. 

Do you get headaches with all the smells?

Nope.  I spend about 50 hours a week in the store and have never gotten a headache from the smells.  It is a good thing!  Plenty of feet hurting nights, 1 really good burn, & back aches - but never a headache.

What is your favorite scent?

Whisper is always on the top of my list.  But just like you, my tastes change with the seasons & the new scents that we get in.  Right now, I am loving Oak Moss, Tobacco & Vanilla, Coconut, and Champagne.  Just about everything I am using at home has atleast one of those fragrances in it.

Do you smell anything at the end of the day? 

I can always smell the fragrances you create.  What I can't is what I smell like!  I have no idea how much I smell like your blends until I get the looks from other patrons at Wawa :) The exceptions to this are Rose & Cannabis.  If those are on me somewhere I can smell them as soon as I get into the car.  They stick with me.

How did you come up with this idea?

The idea started with a store that focuses on candle blending.  I partnered with them to teach us how to make the candles in this sort of retail operation. From there, I leaned into my art background, years of corporate strategy and loads of research to put together a brand & plan.

Is this a franchise?

Our Lansdale location is our Flagship store.  If you are interested in opening a Scent & Sip franchise please contact me at

What is the most popular scent(s)?

There are several that you have been consistently blending with since we opened our doors.  They are: Absinthe, Awapuhi, Champagne, Hawaiin Lei, Goji Berry, Sea Foam, Slate, & Whisper.  

We do notice quick hitting trends that happen seemingly all of a sudden.  Every few weeks there is a scent that picks up speed and then as quickly goes out of fashion.  The past few weeks it has been Hydrangea.  Now, all of sudden Pine Needles is being used a bunch. 

Are the walls really chalkboard?

Yes, they are all chalkboard.  In thinking about the brand, it was/is important to keep the experience interactive.  Our chalkboard walls are an important part of that experience.  Kids of all ages love them.

What is the worst blend you have smelled?

The one that sticks out to me is Bacon & Bubble Gum. The blender loved it & that is all that matters - to each his or her own!  That is the great thing about personalization.  You get it your way. 

Where you a chemist/aromatherapist before Scent & Sip?

Not even a little bit!  Most recently, I spent time in corporate strategy & administration.  In my corporate career, I had always found myself in some sort of "disruptive" place.  Whether I was pioneering how we use the web in the early days or figuring out how to develop mobile banking before it was everywhere.  So I guess, Scent & Sip is about innovating how we can buy fragrance - Something that 90% of households use.  Why smell like someone else?

If you have any other questions I can try to answer, just let me know.  I am truely grateful to love what I do and look forward to seeing you soon.




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