Thank you for your interest in our custom scentables fundraising program!

This program is similar to the popular cookie drives we know and love!  We work together to offer your organization 3 - 5 unique products that will work best for your mission.  Everything selected can have your unique labeling & scent. You can start the buzz within your organization by having a contest to create your labels and your scent blends!  Your organization will retain 25% of all sales from this program. 

To get this process moving, please email us at with all the following info:

  • When you are targeting to begin this fundraiser
  • A contact name, email, and phone number for your group
  • A brief description of your charity to help us recommend products
  • A few dates to come into the Lansdale location to select products, labeling, and scent blends
  • A Tax ID number if you have one

We will supply order forms for your volunteers to use. Your products will be freshly made in our Lansdale location as soon as we receive your final order.  Products can be picked up within two weeks of your final order.  

We are committed to partnering with you to make this fundraiser unique and successful!

Girls on the Run Fundraiser at Scent and SipRoller Derby Doll fundraiser at Scent and sip