What is Scent & Sip?

We are a small-batch, premium manufacturer, and retailer of fragranced home & body products.  

At Scent & Sip, you create personally scented home, bath, hair care, and body products.  We have over 150 fragrances for you to blend with.  You mix those into over 35 Scentable products.  

The "Sip" part of our name is due to our BYOB policies.  You are welcome to bring in the beverage of your choice while you enjoy this unique handcrafted experience and make great smelling stuff! 

Can't get to the store! Don't worry we got you.  Cardinal Hollow Winery delivers to us for FREE!  Available until 6 pm tues - thursday and all weekend.

What are your hours?

Tuesday - Saturday 11-8

Sunday 11-5

Closed on all major holidays and on snow days & other weather emergencies. 

What kind of things can I make?

We proudly offer over 35 Scentable products.  You can scent your own candles, tartlets, fragrance oil, reed diffusers, body lotion, bath gel, hair shine, cleansing conditioner, beard oil, bubble bath, lotion, sugar scrub, and more! 

Our products are natural, cruelty-free, and most are organic.  


How long will this take?

On average -  guests spend 1 hour to 1 1/2 hours at Scent & Sip.

The time it takes to develop a personal scent blend varies widely and is based on the pace that you set.   

Most of our Scentables are make & take and do not require any additional time before they can be taken home.  The exceptions are candles & wax tartlets.

Candles & tartlets require time to "set" before they can be taken home.  Those Scentables will need 45 minutes to 2 hours to set before you can take it home.  Most guests come back later or grab a bite to eat at one of the yummy restaurants in town while their candle sets.  Please note that we may not have seating available for you to hang-out while your candle sets. 

How much does it cost? 

Each product is priced per piece.  Our standard products generally range from $12 - $45 per item. There are no sitting fees or other costs. 


What are your BYOB policies?

You are welcome to bring in the beverages of your choice.  We will have corkscrews, bottle openers, and plastic cups ready!  

Please drink responsibly and never drink & drive. 

Can I bring in snacks and food?

Sure!  We welcome you to enjoy some snacks while you make Scentables.  Please finish creating your Scentables before you snack.  We want to be sure you have time to create what you would like. You can also have food delivered to the store from many local restaurants. Feel free to ask us for recommendations.

What ages is this appropriate for?

If you can pour a glass of milk you can blend just about any of our products.  If help is needed, we are here to help!  We are proud to have hosted birthday parties from 4 to 101!

What kind of custom scents can I create?

We have over 150 fragrance oils to blend with.  We will add or change some fragrances seasonally. If we do not have something you are looking for please let us know. 


Do I call ahead to reserve seats?

We recommend that you make a reservation.  Guests with reservations will receive priority seating & service.  You can make a reservation online or give us a quick call at 267.663.7017.

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Do you have a party room or packages?

Yes, we have a private room that can comfortably accommodate up to 30 guests. 

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Party Packages

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Do you have kids party packages?

Yes, our packages are designed with kids in mind. 

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Party Packages

Can I personalize the label on my candle or other products?

Yes! We hope that you make this your own. We have customizable labels to color on and free gift-wrapping options.  

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Are you handicapped accessible?

Yes, a portion of our blending bar is table height with open legs.  Our restroom is also handicapped accessible.  If there are other accommodations that will make your experience more enjoyable, please just let us know. 

Can I bring in my own container for to make into a candle?

We would love to turn your container into a candle. Pricing is $2.00 per oz of wax. We will not pour candles that are less then 4 oz.

Please be sure the container is flame safe & non-porous.  If you are unsure, just give us a call or drop by to chat about it.

Do you use essential oils in your products?

No, we use fragrance oils. The FDA considers the ingredients of fragrance oils a "trade secret" so ingredients for individual fragrances cannot be provided.  We will gladly share the ingredients of any of our bases.

Please note essential oils are generally not safe to burn in candles or heat.  If you see this on a candle label please be cautious and never burn these candles around pets. In addition, essential oils have different flash points in candles and can burn too hot to be safe.

What is your Return Policy?

We will refund, in the method of the original payment, within 30 days of purchase with a receipt.  We will also exchange the product if that is more desirable.

Your satisfaction is important to us.  If you have any problems or concerns with any of our products or services please let us know. 

Do you make custom favors for weddings, events or private labeling?

Yes, we will work with you to develop your perfect custom product.  From candles to glitter gel - whatever you like.  Quantity discounts are available.

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Do you offer Gift Cards?

Yes, we offer gift cards in any denomination at the store or you can send them electronically.  You can also purchase an unscented product or container to wrap-up.  We provide a card that explains what happens next!


I had a great time & want to leave a tip - what should I do?

Awesome!  If you would like to leave a tip, we offer a tip jar at the register - Cash only, please. 



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