Thank you for your interest in our Dollars & Scents Program

This is a day-long event that we partner together to make a fun & successful fundraiser. Your group will get 15% of all our retail sales on the day you are assigned. It's your job to get all of your friends, family, stakeholders, volunteers, and fans to come in that day to blend or buy scentable products!  

Fundraising Days at Scent and Sip LansdaleHaving fun and raising money at scent and sipFundraising is fun for all ages at scent and sipScent and sip supports local causes through their unique fundraising program

We will help you promote the event, but the more effective you are at getting the word out, the more money you will make. Your group will receive a check from us for your donation within three weeks of your event.

To sign up, please email us with all of the information on the list below. You need to pick a list of two or three dates that will work for you. We do this on Tuesdays and Wednesdays all year, excluding November and December. The event runs for the full day, and we're open from 11 am until 8 pm. If your group has a Tax ID number, please include that as well. We're booking the dates on a first come first serve basis, so we'll reply back within 1 week with which date is open and assigned to your group. We'll also include a photo and sample language you can use on Twitter, Facebook, and/or emails to spread the word.  

You are encouraged to drop off materials at the store so that we can share your information with our customers so they know where their money is going. This can be a stack of pamphlets to pass out, or just a poster or display of your group or charity. This is optional, but it might encourage our customers to spend a little more to support your group.  We can't solicit anybody's contact information or sell anything other than our store merchandise for your group. Also, you are not permitted to sell any other merchandise in the store. 

Your group can only do one time at each store per year, and we reserve the right to cancel future events if your first event doesn't have a strong turnout.

To get this process moving, please email us at with ALL the following info:

  • The two or three dates that work for you (Tuesdays and Wednesdays)
  • A contact name, email, and phone number for your group
  • A sentence or two description of your charity so we can promote it on Facebook & Twitter
  • Digital artwork that we can use for social media and other digital venues
  • A Tax ID number if you have one.

We look forward to making your event fun & successful!