First step in making a scent blend is smelling candles
Step 1: Smell candles & narrow down the list of fragrances to your favorites.
Once you have narrowed down the list to your favorites  you smell some more in combination of 2 to 4
Step 2: The experimenting with blending begins! Most people end-up with a blend of 2 - 4 fragrances.
You get to create your perfect scent balance with your blends
Step 3: Perfect your blend balance! Take your time in this step, balance matters!
Once you have created your perfect scent blend, you mix that into what ever you decide to make1 this changes a bit based on each of our products
Step 4: Mix it up! This step changes a bit depending on what you make.  It usually is a bit of stirring.
Last Step: Make a label! Call it whatever you like.  Make it creative, funny, or as simple as you like.